Psychedelic Rave is an event that is inspired by the lifestyle and music from the (neo) hippy culture. Festivals like Boom Festival, Ozora Festival and the massive Psy-Fi Festival are attracting open minded people from all over the world.

Full-on psychedelic trance is a High-energy music for peak moments. Often having melodic, energetic and crisp basslines with a high bpm (usually 140 to 148 bpm), characterized by arrangements of synthetic rhythms and layered melodies created by high tempo riffs.

Together with mindblowing visuals and psychedelic decoration we will serve you an experience never to forget.


The 10th floor of the Maassilo is ideal for a psytrance event, the raw underground look, thick sound and awesome lasers and deco will give you an unforgettable night!

The Old Granary is a complex of a total of 3 silos and is 100 years old.

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