3 of Life (Hommega Records)
A new and exciting project taking shape, presenting long awaited blend of cutting edge fresh production with the deep roots of true psychedelic drive. "3 of life”, a surprising but yet very natural collaboration between three unique individuals - GMS (Riktam & Bansi) and Pixel (Eli Biton) - Two major and well known acts and three inspiring personalities with great influence on our scene, coming together to test their own personal musical boundaries. This collaboration brings back to life the essence of psy story in depth of music. Each track with its own uniqueness, highlighting different feelings and memories from their long time dance floor experiences.!

Imagine the three pillars of life - Mercy, Severity and Balance taking the shape of an electronic musical creation. A new and exciting project taking shape, presenting long awaited blend of cutting edge fresh production with the deep roots of true psychedelic drive.
We are very proud to announce the birth of "3 OF LIFE”, a surprising but yet very natural collaboration between three unique individuals - GMS (Riktam & Bansi) and Pixel (Eli Biton) - Two major and well known acts and three inspiring personalities with great influence on our scene, coming together to test their own personal musical boundaries.


Ace Ventura is one of the leading and busiest DJs & artists on the progressive and psytrance scene. His music has been rocking the dancefloors, and he has been touring constantly all over the globe playing in every possible venue and headlining all major festivals. He is well known for his highly popular mixes, and his extra long DJ sets, and involved in four other highly successful projects: Alpha portal (with Astrix), Easy riders (with Rocky Tilbor), Liquid Ace (with Liquid soul) and Zentura (with Zen mechanics).


Ajja (Peak Records)
Ajja S.F. Leu is an eclectic and multi-talented Swiss artist who channels his creativity through parallel careers as musician/producer/dj, Peak Records label manager, graphic artist and tattoo artist. Born in London in 1975, AJJA grew up roaming the planet with his world-renowned family of tattooartists and travellers. He started playing guitar when he was nine years old. At the end of the nineties, his interest gradually shifted towards electronic music, causing him to explore new digital horizons. In 2002, AJJA and musician friends Master Margherita, Dymons and Flooting Grooves created The Peaking Goddess Collective, a chill & psytrance band that fuses live instruments and digital technology. In 2003 was born Yab Yum, the fully digital project shared by AJJA and Dj Gaspard. In 2005, AJJA started a solo project under his own name. This digital live-act is primarily 144bpmbased, focusing on groovy, non-cheesy, psychedelic trance that could be played in the morning or in the middle of the night.


Alienatic is a psy-trance act from the Netherlands! The project is formed by Jakaan and Stellovic! Their music will be released on well known labels such as Sacred Technology and Digital Om! Alienatic is also the founder of Changa Records, which will be launched soon! The music is best described as full on energy. driving basslines, handcrafted sound design and uplifting melodies. We are getting inspired by artist such as Tristan, Avalon, Outsiders and Astrix.


Altruism Live / DJ Thatha (NANO Records)
With over a decade as DJ, Thatha is considered as one the top Djs in the world, she puts all her love into her music and it’s shown by the crowd’s respect and affection. Also her Dj sets are mixed with a lot of harmony and versatility allied to a very good technic, she’s able to take the dancefloor where she wants with her charm and lightness.
After some time her career as DJ was driven into a new goal, the music production. Her music was taking shape and she created her Live act “Altruism”. It was an instant success and in 2010 she achieved the Beatport top 10 with her compilation “Magic Mirror”. In 2011 she joined the South African label Nano Records, where she already released 3 Ep’s. “Beyond Illusion” in 2011, “Fat Beat” in 2013 and “311” in 2015.
Thatha / Altruism has performed at some of the best festivals in the world, such as: Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Neverland Festival (Israel), Vuuv Festival (Germany), Universo Paralello (Brasil), Fusion Festival (Germany), Vortex Festival (South Africa), Maitreya Festival (Australia), Green Magic (Japan), Poison Festival (Mexico), Hilltop Festival (India), Antaris Festival (Germany), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Sonica Festival (Montenegro), Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Ultra Music Festival (Russia), Goa Dupa Festival (Poland), Blackmoon Festival (Italy), Psy-Fi Festival (Netherland), Monte Mapu Festival (Chile), Wonderland Festival (Germany), Trancendence Festival (Brasil), etc…


Arjuna (Parvati Records)
Arjuna was born in the Himalayas in India in 1982 Ever since, he has had a unique and interesting journey through life. He grew up in Goa, the mecca of psy trance, where he saw the birth and evolution of this mystical genre.
Arjuna started collecting psytrance DATs and mini disks at a very early age. At the age of 19, he got his first shot behind the decks and there was no looking back. Meeting with Giuseppe Parvati and Teo Discovalley gave Arjunas music taste a new direction deep and purely psychedelic and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and Arjuna started experimenting with his own sounds with a Playstation game called Music 2000.
He first observed friends working at the prestigious Discovalley studio (Chapora, Goa) and then sank into more serious programming and knob tweaking on cubase. After proving his metal as a dj in Goa, Arjuna was signed by Parvati records to represent their sound as a label DJ. By this time he had also started to perform at partys and small festivals in and around Europe. His Dj sets are a mix of organic sounding groovy dancefloor shaking bombs produced by some of his favorite artists and friends Atriohm, Farebi Jalebi, Jahbo, Syntax Error, Dronebixie, Onkel Dunkel, Gidra, Encephalopaticys. Since Goa was installed very early in Arjunas system, he always had a natural instinct to cast his spell and get people moving on the dance floors. In order to improve his own sounds, Arjuna took up an electronic music production course at S.A.E. and soon after, broke through with his very first release on Parvati records.
He has dedicated most of his time to develop and consolidate his own idea of psychedelic music. Together with his partner at the time (Seb), he made his nest in the epic Discovalley studio for a few years and his skills evolved leaps and bounds. His tracks are carefully crafted with a lot of precision and heart.
Now his sound is intense and groovy , a balanced combination of power and emotion. He incorporates tight percussive rythms, hypnotic atmospheres and colorful scapes to create deep stories that emit a raw energy to shake the forest and all the creatures living in it. Watching dancefloors errupt since an early age, has given Arjuna the dominion to make people close their eyes, forget the world and just dance till their knees wobble. The mystical vibe of goa flows through his creations, warmly touches the soul and leaves people with their hands up asking for more and more.
Arjuna's first Album - Primal Contact - has been released in July 2015.


Astrix (hommega Records)
Astrix is a unique phenomenon in the trance world, a leading DJ & producer, who came from the underground psychedelic scene, have been performing in the biggest festivals and venues, reached # 18 on the DJ Mag poll, and yet, chose to always stay true to the underground trance movement.
Avi Shmailov has been dividing his life for more than a decade between constant studio work and non-stop touring around the globe. With more than 15 years of releasing music and more than a 1000 concerts all over the world, he continues to bring his musical message of psychedelic emotional uplifting trance to the leading festivals such as EDC, Burning Man, Escape From Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Summer Music Festival, Paradiso and Dreamstate (USA), SW4 and BoomTown Fair (UK), Tomorrowland (Belgium), OZORA (Hungary), Psy Fi and Dance Valley (Netherlands), Weekend Festival (Finland & Estonia), Airbeat One (Germany), Universo Paralello, Tomorrowland, Tribe and XXXperience (Brasil), Hilltop (India), Solstice Music Festival, Discovery, The Gathering (Japan), Emmaboda (Sweden), Inox (France), BAT (Argentina) and to the world's top dance clubs such as Brixton Academy, Alexandra Palace, Ministry of Sound, O2 Arena, Pacha, Privilege, Exchange, Avalon, AgeHa, Zepp Tokyo and many more.
Devoted to his art and a true perfectionist, Astrix is known for his massive hypnotic explosive sets on the dancefloor and for his precise detailed production in the studio. Both always laced with tons of feel and musicality. His music has been topping the charts, his albums are considered milestones and his fanbase, which is already over a million on facebook, increases daily.


Atriohm (Parvati Records)
In a world of hyper-production and increased commodification of musical experience “Atriohm” stands for eerily seductive and taunting musical expression that helps the audience indulge in deep psychedelic experience.
Looking at its beginnings, “Atriohm” project started as a musical adventure of Golcev brothers, Aleksandar and Leonid. Their musical creativity, existential experiences and individual desires received their ultimate expression in 2009’s ground breaking work of psychedelic music: “Ukalen.” While looking for modern psychedelic sound that was inspired by their hometown Skopje and dramatic Macedonian landscapes, the real success of their musical enterprise was in pointing toward the horizon to what psychedelic music could evolve. In the aftermath of their release, Sashe’s and Leo’s ongoing artistic metamorphosis has led brothers to part their musical ways and focus on their individual musical development. Leo meanwhile has a successful psychedelic chill and trance project Tengri, while Sashe remains the driving force behind the Atriohm.
Musically, Atriohm’s work is focused on a narrative, on telling a story through sound. It features an eclectic blend of analogue, hybrid acoustic, dark and distorted textures, punchy basslines, expressive leads, colorful pads and soundscapes. It’s a brooding, eerie, shadowy, noisy, swarming elegy of sound that not only draws in the audience but slowly subverts their expectations. Pick any among the recent tracks scored by Sashe Golcev and what is heard reflects the work and mindset of a producer who has not only reconciled his imagination with radical fringes of music making, but feeds on the friction between past musical influences and uncharted psychedelic musical territory. Through his ability to balance themes both idiosyncratic and heartrending with tonal palettes unlike heard elsewhere in Psychedelic music scene, Atriohm remains one of the truly great embodiment of this genre and its culture.
In 2016 Atriohm releases his first Digital EP - Million Years Dance.


Avalon (NANO Records)
Avalon is one of the leading and most in-demand DJ/Producers in the Psychedelic trance scene today. After a decade of consistently topping the charts with his pioneering style, Avalon has had ten Psy- Trance number 1 hit’s on Beatport and three number 1 selling albums, totalling 6 albums under his belt. He is one of the top headliners at most major psychedelic trance events around the globe. In the studio he has worked with Tristan, Vini Vici, Astrix, Burn In Noise, Ace Ventura to name a few. Avalon’s non-stop world wide touring has seen him playing at the biggest events, with over 100 performances annualy, some of which include Ozora, Boom, Tomorrowland, ASOT, EDC Las vegas, Ministry of Sound, Burning Man, Tribe, Dreamstate USA, Exit festival, Sunburn, Ultra, Rainbow Serpent, EVC India (Enchanted Valley Carnival), Symbiosis, Atmosphere, Time and Space, Gatecrasher, Universo Parallelo, Xxxperience, BAT, Antaris, Origin, and the list goes on. He has also had a number 1 hit on major label spinnin records.
Last year Avalon had the honor of the opening Trance set at Ozora with a 2 hour liveset. Also boom last day sunset (pictured above), was another highlight of his career . Avalon’s collaboration projects have also garnered mass appeal having produced two successful albums with Dj Tristan under the project name ‘Killerwatts’ and one album with Sonic Species under his progressive alias ‘Future Frequency’. Avalon is currently working on a new Avalon solo album and a string of new releases and remixes for all of his projects, many of which are set for release soon!


Burn in Noise (NANO Records)
Reigning Brazillian master, Burn in Noise is undoubtably one of the most influential Psytrance producers of recent years, with the chart success to prove it! Before there was ‘Burn in Noise’, Gustavo Manfroni grew up dedicating his time and interest completely to music. He has been playing the guitar since a young age, and played in two rock bands, until a fateful day during a trip to London where he stumbled upon the magical sounds of psychedelic trance music.
His interest in electronic music grew fast and at the end of 1999 he started buying software for producing music. Guitars and band life was put aside as computers and studio time took over. With an individual style focusing on strong warm basslines and textured psychedelic leads, his music broke away from the standard full-on psytrance, and help set a new standard for the genre, a fresh direction in dancefloor music.
Burn in Noise has gained recognition as one of the top live acts over the last decade, with performances in over 30 countries at festivals across the globe, (e.g.) Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Ultramusic Festival (Russia), Fusion Festival (Germany), Vuuv Festival (Germany), Eclipse Summer Festival (Canada), Sonica Festival (Italy), FullMoon Festival (Germany), Aurora Festival (Greece), Paradise Festival (Austria), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival (Germany), Glade Festival (UK), Maitreya Festival (Australia), Eclipse 2012 Festival (Australia), Antaris Festival (Germany), etc…, plus with more than 100 releases on labels worldwide, Gustavo has honed his style for dancefloor perfection.
In 2008 Gustavo joined forces with legendary UK producer Dickster (Dick Trevor / Green Nuns of the Revolution), to form a new live act called “Circuit Breakers”. With many top selling EPs and an album “Fragmented Reality” released on Nano Records, and many more still on the way, Circuit Breakers has become a force all its own, and is yet another feather in Gustavo’s creative cap. Gustavo’s project “The First Stone” together with Swarup and Zumbi, released the self-titled artist album n January 2006 and their second album in early 2010 as is currently on haitus.


Captain Hook (NANO Records)
Captain Hook is one of the top DJs, musicians and producers on the Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance) & Progressive Trance scene. Traveling a diverse musical path, Reshef Harari always achieved success guided by the frequencies. From the early days of DJing with vinyl, through the successful collaborative project Quantize, the visit to Techno-land as Sheff with releases at top labels, and finally as Captain Hook, with which he took over the world by storm. Following his heart and sonic manipulations, he keeps innovating and never stagnating. With two top-selling albums at Iboga Records, countless single and compilation releases and collaborating with the best electronic music producers, Captain Hook has been playing in every conceivable festival, party, and venue all around the globe.


Dickster (NANO Records)
Dick Trevor aka Dickster is responsible for the Green Nuns of the Revolution, Circuit Breakers, Infernal Machine, Bumbling Loons, AMD & countless other projects in his 19 years in the trance world.
He developed his incredibly fat production by being at the cutting edge from the early nineties with his first trance hits with the legendary Green Nuns of the Revolution who dominated the fullon scene in the mid nineties. He has since been constantly productive with projects like the Green Oms album at the turn of the millennium and more recently Jumanji (with Eskimo) and his own solo project Dickster as well as countless classic collaborations with the likes of Simon Posford, Tristan, Lucas and house remixes with the likes of Danny Howells.
His energy, enthusiasm and production are up there with anyone and his psychedelic ear is untainted by the unfavourable evolutions of the genre. he’s an avid techno progressive enthusiast and is available for Dj sets in these genres too.
He’s had an incredible amount of releases on more labels than we can mention. Instead we recommend you check out his Discogs Page for that!



Earthspace (NANO Records)
Earthspace is the psychedelic musical expression of young Brazilian groove maestro, Matheus Nogueira.
With over a decade of sound tinkering savvy, he is already revered as one of the most dynamic & cutting-edge psytrance producers on the international circuit, having done remixes for and collaborated with some of biggest names in the scene. He is also half of the recently formed Melting Point (together with Braincell), as well as part of the infamous RaveCommision conglomerate. No matter the project, the pure passion he puts into every creation can be felt throughout his productions, with his full-power performances consistently elevating dancefloors into heaving frenzies of merry madness. He recently joined the ranks of renowned Nano Records family, where he has unleashed his much anticipated debut album, ‘As Above So Below’.


Electric Universe
Electric Universe is a psychedelic trance project from Germany formed by Boris Blenn and Michael Dressler in 1991.Their first EP release, Solar Energy was an instant hit with the underground trance scene and is often credited with putting the Spirit Zone Recordings label at the forefront of psychedelic trance early on. According to The Sofia Echo, they were "hailed in the 1990s as one of the top psychedelic trance projects to come out of Germany".
The Electric Universe project was founded in 1991 by Boris Blenn and Michael Dressler in Hamburg, Germany. After being inspired by the first big Voov Experience in Sprötze, the first Psy Trance orientated tracks were produced, with just 5 pieces of equipment. These were two synthesizers, one sampler, a mixing desk and an Atari 1080STE. Some of the tracks found their way into the hands of DJ Antaro, who had just started his record label Spirit Zone. He liked the stuff and decided to release the Electric Universe Solar Energy maxi single as the second release on his label. It turned out to be a big hit and set the ground for the first album One Love in 1994.
More and more trance parties were taking place and Electric Universe started to give concerts, at first mainly in Germany and then later all around the globe. In 1997 Dressler decided to leave the project and Boris went on alone. It was the year of the Star Diver album, with the massive track Online Information, that blew the dancefloors everywhere and came to be a blueprint for breakbeat trance. In 1999 Roland Wedig joined Electric Universe and the result of the first cooperation was the track Meteor on the Blue Planet album. This kicking track, with its expressive guitar lines was played at many psychedelic parties for over a year. Often during live performances, Electric Universe will be accompanied by their stage guitarist, Roland, who accompanies the band in tracks that feature the electric guitar.
As well as the Electric Universe project, Blenn is successfully working on several side projects such as Jupiter 8000 on Nova Tekk/Liquid Audio and the chill project Galaxy on Blue Room as well as “Gabon3 with its first release in the form of the album Source Of Silence in Autumn 2003 on Medial Music/ Silenzio. Many collaborations have been happening in the last few years with artists such as DJ Sangeet, S.U.N. Project, GMS and Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe).


Future Frequency (NANO Records)
Future Frequency is the exciting double act of two of the UK’s most influential psychedelic producers: Sonic Species and Avalon, as a platform for them to experiment with fresh, never-beforeexperienced soundscapes. Busting onto the scene with their hit track ‘Naked, Stoned and Exalted’ (with Zen Mechanics), and their first EP – ‘Transmission’ – Future Frequency have now released their debut album on Nano Records! Their own solo tracks feature alongside their remixes of hit tracks by Vini Vici, Liquid Soul, Astrix, Captain Hook and Ace Ventura. Having now established themselves on the world stage alongside their solo acts Avalon and Sonic Species, Future Frequency are now blasting dance floors all around the globe!


Giuseppe (Parvati Records)
I DJ Giuseppe consider myself a world citizen, I am a nomadic spirit and I feel alive when I am on the road !!!!
My first encounter with the Goa party scene happened in 1986 @ full moon party in Baga Beach, and then, in the early 90s, I got introduced for real to Psychedelic Trance Music.
During the summer of 2000, based in Aarhus, Denmark, together with a friend who left me shortly after I founded Parvati Records!
The Labels Vision was, and still is, to create a platform for psy-trance producers from the global underground scene.
As Label Manager I have compiled so far all the Parvati releases, with the exception of prvcd19, prvcd24 and prvcd27 Brainzcrew 1, 2 and 3, all compiled by Dj Ilse, and since 2004 I have started to play dj sets at parties and festivals, presenting a selection of the music released on Parvati and the demos arriving at the Label. The Music and the Label have brought me around the world, giving me the chance to meet and interact with lots of nice people in India, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, South Africa, California, Brasil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Marocco, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Skotland, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republik, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus and to play from small intimate parties to big gatherings as Ozora (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), Universo Paralello (2011-2017), Boom (2012-2014) and Eclipse 2012 in Australia. In 2012 I also started to collaborate as Stage Manager with different Festivals as Ozora (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), Sonica (2013, 2015, 2017, 2018), Modem (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), BlackMoon (2013, 2014), Free Earth Festival (2016, 2018), Psy-Fi (2017,2018)


Imagine Mars
Imagine Mars was established by the artistic inspiration of Oshry Ben Simon from Tel Aviv. The popular DJ & Producer who boasts over a decade of experience behind the decks with his unique view on Psychedelic Trance. His energetic performances, perfect for peak time dancefloors, are highly in demand, playing national and international gigs every weekend.


Input Malfunction
Input Malfunction is the combined project of the Belgian artists 3,14No aka Pino (Wouter Malfait), and PuttiMec (Kevin Put). Pino is active since 2004 as Label Manager & DJ from the former Belgian label Psysky Records. Five years later he discovered PuttiMec and decided to train him to blast the universe togheter. Since then they have set the dance floors on fire with their mixing skills and sublime track choise. In 2014 they decided to proceed with a joint project under Global Army Music and later under Psygathering Records. In 2017 together with D_Maniac they launched their new record label called Locobot Records. A label that hosts skilled musicians from al over the universe. Discover it and stay tuned for more.


Jahbo (Parvati Records)
Jahbo was born in 1981 in a hippie society in the north of Denmark. As a basic member of Parvati Records he started to appear on this label acts like a pioneer in the psytrance scene since its beginning as well as the confidential person for Giuseppe, and relentless helped building up this special base for the extraordinariness in the music scene.
Working in a music shop in a long period of his real life he is always refining his production skills meticulously to define his extraordinary and most definitely recognizable style at his recent state of the art and his tracks basically have this special charme of a tripped out mushroom atmosphere.
Morphing soundscapes, wobbling basslines and an immense potion of the right humor spangled with a lot of twisted effects and surrealistic leads are a defined earmark of Jahbo tracks and so he was playing all around the globe on almost all important festivals with his exceptional live gigs and absorbing sets.
Jahbo appeared on many releases, mainly on his homelabel in Denmark as well as on leading psytrance labels with the ideology of twisted trippy psytrance, with his solo project Jahbo as well as with the different projects he is part of. Jahbo DJ sets are dedicated to the trippers on the dancefloor, and he is able to move it night or daytime with his crispy and of course typical Aarhus styled attitude to send the crowd on his wings of psytrance.
Former & current side projects counts:Abrahadabra, KinJahJaf, Kinjahjah, Meteloids, Psilo Cowboys, Red Eye Jah, Jali


Jakaan (Digital Ohm Records)
Jakaan (Jake van Aarst) is one of the most highly-respected up-andcoming talents on the Dutch psytrance scene.
His depth of knowledge and intuitive grasp of the genre makes perfect sense when you consider he's been spinning since the tender age of 13, learning his craft on a broad range of styles including Goa, full-on and progressive psy. His sets are high-energy and immersive, guaranteed to be packed full with brilliant, fresh tunes and crafted perfectly to fit the needs of the dancefloor, ensuring a unique, never-to-be-repeated experience.
As well as performing on the underground and squat party scenes in both the Netherlands and London, he has started to establish himself at festivals including Psychedelic Rave, The Voyager Melkweg, Ruigoord and Psy Fi. His ever-growing list of London gigs includes dance:love:hub, Cohesion, Secret Soma and Futurity and has introduced his talents to a new legion of loyal fans.
Over the last few years, Jakaan has been in the studio perfecting his own sounds and tunes. Just recently he has been collaborating with German heavyweights, Atacama, leading to being signed by one of the best-known labels in psytrance: Digital Om. Expect a flurry of releases and collaborations over the coming months and watch this space for more news and exciting developments.


Killerwatts (NANO Records)
Tristan and Avalon are two heavyweight Psytrance masters who combined forces in 2010 to form Killerwatts. Between them they have headlined most of the major Psychedelic festivals and clubs across the globe with their solo acts and now Killerwatts is joining the ranks. With two top charting albums under its belt, ‘Edge Of Time’ and ‘Blow Your Mind’ (which was also remixed by the very best artists in the scene to create ‘Blow Your Mind -The Remixes), as well as several successful collaborations, they have a live set that rivals the very best; with their awesome UK Psychedelic Full- On sound that never fails to set the dance floor on fire.
What started as a side-project of two legendary Psytrance producers, Killerwatts is now a fullyfledged phenomenon in its own right that stands shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names and is now constantly touring the world spreading its unique brand of Killerwatts Power.


With his roots in metal, drum n bass & hardcore; Kyborg's sound defines the robotic, heavy side of psytrance. This includes night fullon, forest and darkpsy. Expect groovin, fat basslines, catchy metallic melodies & deep atmospheric vibes. With gigs at: Waldfrieden Wunderland, Hai in den Mai, Masters of Puppets, Spiral Galaxy, Trance orient express, and as a resident at Psychedelic Rave, be sure to get a full psychedelic experience!


Laughing Buddha (NANO Records)
With a career spanning nearly 20 years, from the early days of the Goa Trance scene and his involvement as co-producer on the seminal album ‘Cosmology’ on Transient Records as one half of Cosmosis, Laughing Buddha developed his solo career with releases on Flying Rhino, T.I.P. Records, Dragonfly (as Drum Druids) and other labels, before moving on to the green and exciting pastures of the Nano Records team.
Jez “Buddha” is a highly experienced Live Act and DJ and anyone who has seen him perform will confirm that he lives up to the name of the Laughing Buddha! He brings a unique ego-free energy to every party he plays at, truly coming to life and invigorating the crowd with his driving technical masterpieces and jovial stage presence.
Following the release of his debut solo album ‘Sacred Technology’ in 2010, Jez ‘Laughing Buddha’ has been going from strength to strength.
His collaboration album ‘Illusions and Collusions’ which featured collaborations with the likes of Eat Static, Tristan, Avalon, Dickster, Space Tribe, Electric Universe and others, only cemented his position as an irreplaceable addition to any lineup thereafter. Gigs at Ozora, Boom, Sunburn, Atmosphere, Utopia, Glade, Maitreya,Psychedelic Circus, Indian Spirit, Indigo, Universo Paralello, Origin and multiple tours of India and many other countries have made 100% sure that Laughing Buddha is now a household name on the worldwide PsyTrance scene!


Nicola Capobianco, a Swiss born producer and DJ who is better known for his project called LIQUID SOUL. Falling in love with electronic music from a very young age, he almost immediately took an interest in DJ’ing back in 1993, this is the very year where his journey into the world of music officially begun. It became clear that his new found passion wasn’t just a passing phase and would last as he made the decision to venture deeper into music. This quickly saw him find his way around the studio as this was the next phase of his progression. He started crafting himself a unique sound signature. This hugely assisted his career and has helped sustain his constant heavy flow of bookings all over the world, ranging from clubs to festivals and big raves. Shortly after 2001 Nicola discovered the psychedelic side of trance music. He felt the urge to again explore new avenues within himself. This reinvention process gave birth to his current and popular project, LIQUID SOUL. He played a vital role and was one of the pioneers in shaping the Psychedelic Progressive Trance landscape to where it has grown today. LIQUID SOUL became a worldwide sensation for his productions and his distinctive sound signature. A sound that can be best described as masterfully capturing emotion through the perfect use of uplifting melodies which manages to intelligently fuse into Psychedelic Trance. These unique qualities have simply set LIQUID SOUL apart from the pack, making him one of the most requested artists in the business today. The LIQUID SOUL project rapidly gained its own momentum, and was instantly approached with an exclusive record label deal from IBOGA Records, (the most successful Psy-Progressive-Trance label). LIQUID SOUL became the labels biggest selling artist over the past decade. He released his debut album «Synthetic Vibes», that descended onto the world with huge success, followed by three chart topping albums «Love in Stereo», «Cocktails» and «Revolution» which again were masterpieces. This also included countless hypnotic releases featuring several remixes as well as a host of various artist compilations like «Streetparade 2018» – the official compilation of the world’s biggest party.


Loud (NANO Records)
LOUD are one of the hottest and most interesting groups in the world trance scene today. Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have been producing high quality and original electronic music together since 2006, blending old school roots with cutting-edge fresh new sound. Refusing to adhere to fashions and formulas they have been paving their own road in the world of electronic music with their own special musical say.
Their success in the last years proves that the crowd appreciates it and they have been performing in the biggest music festivals world wide, and have played in almost every country that holds electronic dance music events on this planet.
So far the duo have released 4 studio albums (Some Kind of Creativity – 2006, Abstract – 2008, Free from Conceptual Thoughts – 2012 and No More X – 2012); A Remix album of a selection of their tracks remixed by the worlds top psytrance producers – 2011); A compilation – Private Lesson -2007); And many EPs and compilation tracks with almost every respected psytrance label out there. They have released their last two albums, and are currently signed with the leading English/South African based label, Nano Records.
LOUD also enjoy the respect of other leading musicians and producers and lately have collaborated and remixed and have been remixed by leading artists such as: Union Jack, Hallucinogen, Son Kite, Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Shulman, Prometheus, Ace Ventura, Domestic, and others.


Magik (NANO Records)
Magik is considered by many as ‘THE’ new talent on the UK psy scene. As a modern electronic music enthusiast always searching for new sounds, Magik’s sets stand out amongst the fray with uniquely handmade cuts and specially crafted edits. His sound is fresh with new age cutting edge production.
Growing up with a music loving family and being fed all kinds off beats, opened Magik’s mind to different sounds from a young age. As a teenager his love for rock and punk rock pushed him to study guitar and keyboard. At 17 he started partying at all the right places and hearing music that melted his mind as he got sucked into the sounds of psytrance. Soon after this discovery he started Djing and then went on to study Audio Technology and learned the craft of production. His first release on Nano Records was the track ‘Wonderizer’ a collaboration with his friend Tristan, followed by more collabs with Tristan; ‘Blueshaft’ and the party monster ‘High Grade’ which reached the top 10 psytrance tracks on Beatport.
Having already collaborated with Tristan, Dickster, Alpha Portal (Astrix & Ace Ventura), and more requests coming in daily from massively established acts, and the constant support by some of the biggest names of the scene including Avalon, Laughing Buddha, Regan, Dj Lucas and more, it is clear that Magik has something special.
Fresh tracks and collaborstions are on the way, as is his debut album, so stay tuned to see what Magik pulls out of his hat!


Mandala (NANO Records)
Angus Young is a Producer from the U.K. whose passion is creating high quality psychedelic trance with an original organic twist.
Since the early nineties Angus has been at the heart of the underground psychedelic scene, and was often to be found loading up pack-horses or camels with sound systems to play 14 hour DAT sets in various mountain ranges, deserts and roadless beaches around the world. His music reflects his genuine passion for life itself and his love of pushing the boundaries of experience with faith and relentless positivity wherever he goes.
Now firmly on board with The Nano Records family with more collaborations and solo releases in the pipeline, Mandala’s future looks kaleidoscopic!


Onkel Dunkel (Parvati Records)
Onkel Dunkel is the musical alter ego of Monno, producer, mastering engineer, synth lover and sound designer. Born and raised in Denmark, he has been involved with music one way or another since his late teens. First as a bass player at the age of 17, but the introduction to Psychedelic Trance lead to him ditching his bass and getting into computers and synthesizers. Fast forward a couple of years and the project Grapes of Wrath was born. Together with his partner in crime Jaffa they were on a mission to make harder edged music than most were doing at the time. This culminated in the seminal split album with Meteloids: “Tits on Fire” Released on Parvati Records in 2004 and considered a milestone release for that label. Since 2006 Monno has mainly released music as Onkel Dunkel and his second album “Connections” Was released in June 2017. Comprised of only tracks with friends that came for a visit in the studio, it´s a mix of influences spanning far and wide.
After a busy summer he is now back in the studio working on new material to keep your synapses firing at maximum. Best enjoyed loud in mild climates, no expiry date.


Orestis was born in Athens, Greece (1980). His first musical experiences were with metal, gothic, darkwave and hardcore sounds.
The psychedelic culture came into his life in 1996, where he discovered a new dimension in electronic music.
From 2001 he started djing in various indoor & outdoor parties around Greece.
Early in 2004, he started to produce his own music style, trademarked by deep atmospheric influences, strong percussive elements and an attention to the progression of the sonic story.
Orestis compositions are inspired by the universal flow of our daily feelings and experiences. • In September of 2010, he releases his debut album "Recursive Consciousness" on Tantrumm Records.
• 2011 he creates the collective music network " Sonic Loom Music " together with Ordo Ab Chao, Dark Elf, Petran & Dendrobates.
• 2015 his started to work with musical compositions and arrangements for theatres. • February 2016, he releases his second album (with collaborations): Orestis & Friends " Group Therapy " • Nowadays he is working on the new upcoming albums, OrePhonia, Orestis Solo, and ZikOre album.
Orestis had participated in the following projects : Alitia with Stranger.
Magnum Opus with Kindzadza, Psykovsky & Drury Nevil. OrePhonia with Romolo Cheri aka Polyphonia (R.I.P.) Ravenous Minds with Madness Increazzed. ZikOre with Zik.
Also, he has collaborated with many artists of the scene, like: Ajja, Arjuna, Band Crash, Dark Elf, Darkshire, Datakult, Dejan, Dementia, Digitalist, Drury Nevil, Farebi Jalebi, Frantic Noise, Glossolalia, JellyHeadz, Kasatka, Kerosene Club, Kindzadza, Kashyyyk, Kokobloko, Lab, Megalopsy, Mind Distortion System, Nektarios, Noise Gust, Ogun, Osom, Paul Karma, Petran, Psykovsky, Pandoras Box, Quadraphonic, Sator Arepo, Sonik Scizzor, Tromo, Will O Wisp, Zigurat and Vlastur. https://www.orestismusic.net


Outsiders is the exciting project of two significant producers based in sunny Israel - Haim Lev & Guy Malka. The Outsiders name has been fast developing and their releases have been backed and supported by an impressive number of international covering pretty much of the the top international circuit.Outsiders have released a bundle of successful original releases and a bountiful collaboration & remix tracks from the likes of Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Avalon, Electric Universe, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, to name few. The Outsiders sound is always evolving and is highly influenced by the duos global interactions.


Alex Kurkin aka Parasense is a Russian musician, producer and sound engineer. Parasense is one of the main projects that laid the foundation of the night sound in the Psychedelic Trance scene. The original concept was developed by Alex over 20 years ago back in 1995 and has gone to influence the sound of many of the leading night time projects of the present. Since 1998 Parasense has performed regularly at most of the biggest psychedelic trance events around the globe. Many of Alex tracks are known for various styles from Latin American Folklore to underground radical Trash and Grindcore.


Pixel (Hommega Records)
Pixel (aka Eli Biton) is considered one of the most authentic Israeli psytrance producers with an impressive discography of collaborations with leading artists such as Astrix, Domestic, GMS, Wrecked Machines, Tristan, Freedom Fighters and many more.
He is a regular visitor to Goa every season and as such is considered an eternal respected member of the global psytrance scene. His recent release "Here & there" ep has broken a record of sales with all 3 tracks entering and maintaining high spots in Beatport's Top 10 chart.
Pixel's DJ skills have also been praised worldwide and together with his unique style of psy productions, he is proving his relevance year after year, staying in demand and appreciated everywhere he visits!


Regan (NANO Records)
NANO Records label manager and main man behind the wheel, Regan is the guy pushing all the buttons, selecting the sounds that define NANO Records and generally working like a nut behind the scenes keeping the good ship NANO afloat.
As one of the first South African DJ’s to break onto the international scene, Regan has been rocking dancefloors with his fresh approach to dancefloor mayhem since 1995. Writing and performing various styles of music since the age of 14, Regan is a dedicated music addict, with a passion to expose people to new sounds at every possible opportunity. He is constantly hunting down new and exciting sounds for release on the label and is known for his non-stop promotion of psychedelic and holistic culture. Having played at some of the best parties across the planet he has an amazing feel for dancefloor dynamics and is regularly winning new fans with his storming sets. Best known for his big and bouncy daytime sets, but a master at any time of the party, he is a firm believer in sculpting a set into a journey. No stranger to the studio either, he is also half of Hydrophonic, who released their debut album “Aquabatics” on NANO in mid 2004. He is currently busy with solo and collaborative tracks.
Regan is also a dynamic event organiser and plays a major role in some of Cape Town’s biggest trance events, including the Cape Town Earthdance event and the Origin Festival.



Rinkadink (Future Music Records)
Rinkadink is a music producer and DJ Werner van Jaarsveld. Active in the dance music scene since his mid-teens and a veteran of many years of electronic music production, He has been releasing music and performing in clubs and festivals around the world since 2002, playing in more than 38 countries.
The music he makes encompasses a variety of styles within the genre and consequently, no one style defines him.
A strong believer in the true worth of psychedelic music and culture, he uses his performances as an opportunity for the expansion of human consciousness through rhythm and harmony.
While he was known in the past for his abstract and somewhat slapstick approach, recently he has redefined his music into a new and uncompromising style post-full-on psychedelic progressive.


Sonic Species (NANO Records)
After the global success of his debut studio album ‘Unleash The Beat’, and a succession of hit tracks over the last few years, Sonic Species is established as one of the world’s leading Psytrance artists. Having performed repeatedly at most of the leading international events, the signature Sonic Species sound is now blasting loud in all four corners of the world map! Following his recent signing with the legendary Nano Records, his second album is now scheduled for release along with a load of fresh new singles and a compilation too!
Sonic Species and Avalon have also joined forces to launch their progressive Psytrance project ‘Future Frequency’, with their debut album ‘Freakuencies’ released on Nano Records which features solo tracks and collaborations with many of the scene’s leading artists.


Space cat (Hommega Records)
Born and raised in a musical family, Avi was showing great passion for music from a very young age. He begun to channel all his energies and sources by creating Psytrance music or as we knew it then - Acid music. In a short period of time he conquers the globe with his unique sounds & melodies. His music is been played globally and remained well known within the trance industry. Space Cat’s music is characterized as a melodic full-on atmosphere with heavy bass bombs & Hallucinogenic Sounds. These days Avi is back in full gear, between Top chart releases he is boiling up a new album which will be released late 2018... expect something highly worthwhile.


Space tribe
Olli Wisdom is the man behind the psychedelic phenomenon that is Space Tribe. Olli is now based back in London, after 15 years in Australia. Olli has a long career in psytrance music, being there since the dawn of the style. He's one of the most well-known names throughout the worldwide scene thanks to his incredible energy. For over 20 years he's been globetrotting in his most unique of styles. Full fluoro outfits and mind bending, ear tickling, soul stretching music have been his trademark for longer than most people have been dancing.
In the early 80s Olli was the singer in the theatrical Goth/Glam band 'The Specimen' and founded the famous London goth club 'The Batcave'. After the band split up in 1986 Olli went traveling in Asia and in 1988 came to Koh Phangan in Thailand where he first encountered the fantastic electrodriven wild psychedelic parties on the beach. Instantly hooked, he immersed himself into the music and has never looked back. He stayed there for 2 years, DJing, and setting up a small studio to make tracks for the parties, before moving to Goa, India. Over the next 4 years, Olli spent his time mostly in Goa, but now starting to travel around making parties in other places (San Francisco, Switzerland, UK, Japan), spreading the word and turning people on.
In 1993, Olli's brother Miki started Space Tribe clothing in Bali. The fractal fluoro party gear was an instant success, and now you can see it at parties all over the planet.
In 1995 the first Space Tribe tracks were hatched with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen/Sphongle) and everything flowed from there. Olli moved out to Byron Bay in Australia and set up the Rainforest Space Base studio. Space Tribe released the first album 'Sonic Mandala' on Spirit Zone in 1996. Since then Space Tribe has released at least an album a year. In 2004 Space Tribe Music was set up as a record label providing an outlet for Space Tribe releases & compilation albums. He's also making many tracks in collaboration with other artists: GMS (Alien Jesus), X-Dream, Menog, CPU, Psywalker, Electric Universe (ESP), Tristan, Dick Trevor (Green Nuns of the Revolution) & MadMaxx (Mad Tribe). Since 2008 Jon Klein (Specimen, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sinead O'Connor) has been bringing his sublime guitar skills to Space Tribe live shows and in the studio.


Sub6 (Hommega Records)
Sub6 is definitely one of the most unique bands in Psy-trance history. brothers Ohad & Golan Aharony are considered as top notch producers as they present an original style of Trance that can't be categorised as Full-on or Progressive. some prefer to call it Alternative or fusion trance due the dub-reggae and 90' music influences of the band. after releasing numerous dance floor hits like "Rahe'ya" and "7th son", Sub6 released their debut album “Who needs love songs”(2004 Hommega records), which is marked as a milestone in Psytrance music. the album was followed by track releases in major labels like Ministry of sound and Warner music and live gigs in top venues like Brixton Academy (London) Ageha club (Tokyo) Earthcore (Australia) and Voov (Germany). Sub6 music is always on demand by top producers and DJ's. their original tracks were remixed by the likes of J.Viewz, Astrix, Captain Hook, Loud, Ticon, GMS and many more. the brothers are now working on their next project which is preformed mostly in 432 Hz and already intriguing their worldwide fans.




Tristan (NANO Records)
With a career as long as psy-trance has history, Tristan has been a constant in the ever-changing outdoor festival scene for many years. Playing at some of the most important festivals across the globe, Tristan and his music has a massive following of dedicated fans who love his full-on journeys of deep gurgling psychedelia. Tristan’s innate sense of the dancefloor and full power psychedelic moments place him in a league of only the very highest calibre of producer. Having collaborated with pretty much every other ‘big’ name in trance at some point and releasing 2 classic albums for the famed Twisted Records, Tristan has moved into a new arena, and is now fully onboard with the NANO Records family, who are currently blazing a trail through psy-dom with their passionate approach to good times and good music!
Tristan’s third album ‘Chemisphere’ is his most monstrous to date, and can be summed up by 3 letters: B-I-G !!! A newly re-kitted studio and his studying of the guitar has added some new flavours to Tristan’s signature sound, ensuring that all his fans will be utterly satisfied by these new offerings, clearly his best work to date.
This is the sound of summer, no holds barred psychedelic perfection, made for the dancefloor like only the big man can.


Vertical (Parvati Records)
Vertical is the internationally established psytrance project of Joonas Lehtinen from Finland. The project saw daylight around 2007 and after few years of working on the sound and sending demos, he caught the interest of Giuseppe from Parvati Records. This was a big turning point in Joonas' life and with the new motivation he started to work on more material for his track repertoire.
Soon after his debut appearance on a Parvati compilation in 2009 he played his first gig outside Finland in Marseille (France) in the new year 2010. With the help of Parvati Records and guest appearances on other Labels he started to get more bookings in many legendary events and to grow a bigger fanbase in the scene. During the past years he has performed across Europe, Brazil, Japan, India and USA from club events to big festivals (Ozora, Hadra, Modem and Soulvision to name just a few).
Vertical music is known for it's wide spectrum of styles and moods, never really staying in one formula but aiming to push the boundaries of psytrance with his signature sound and new ideas.
Besides various tracks released in different v/a, Vertical has released so far three solo EPs:
Vertical II
Vertical - From The Nexus


Volcano recognized as one of the principal profiles in the global Psy-Trance scene. Hanan Gorenshtin has established for himself a reputation as a demanded producer and charismatic DJ with a back catalogue of outstanding productions since Volcano debut in 2007. Since then he's been hitting the charts and become a priority artist for global psychedelic festivals & clubs around the world Hanan is also involved in another successful project, Vertical Mode (with Xerox)


Xerox (Hommega Records)
Xerox is Moshe Keinan. He is well known for his funky baselines and original grooves. His style of story telling and energy flow will always give you the “will to dance”, as many original ideas are always thrown into his tracks. Varying from the dark and heavy to the melodic and uplifting, each track is guaranteed to cause a major commotion on the dance floor. Huge, epic trance full of psychedelic power and sonic richness with lots of mutations that keep it captivating. Massive, pumping trance with the kind of energy level that only Xerox’s full-bodied trance music can deliver!