Welcome to psychedelic rave

Psychedelic Rave was founded in 2016 and in November of that year the first Psychedelic Rave was a fact. In a sold out Factory010 with more than 1500 visitors we were overwhelmed by the massive support from the psychedelic tribe, both from holland and Belgium. After that first event we started to do a label night with Nano records during the Amsterdam Dance Event. We also started a new concept called Time Traveler of which the first edition took place in the legendary Warehouse Elementenstraat. At the moment we are the biggest indoor psytrance promoters of the Benelux. We are now working on some new concepts including Liquid Night in the old Vasim Factory halls in Nijmegen, and the first edition of Universal Mind Festival, in cooperation with Nano Records

With an eye for detail our events combine the creativity of CampAttack Visuals and Buju Decorations from Germany, with help from the Psychedelic Rave Crew. Together we work on the production of our decor, creating astonishing surreal environments. Be inspired by our stages and visual motion artists throughout our venues, feel the immersive living fairytale Lose yourself in the dance flow trance with our alternate realities with magical experiences.

Psychedelic Rave events are a celebration of psychedelic trance music, bringing a variety of genres, like full on, progressive, forest, darks and chill out music.

The psychedelic celebration is evolving to a next level of quantum weirdness.

Our line-ups brought many international headliners and provides the tribe a platform to welcome upcoming artists while growing the community of individuals who are in for good vibes and music.

We are thankful for the community of people that come to our events. Without the community their would not be a celebration. We are lucky to host an event for some of the most talented and creative people. We welcome you back at our events